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If the Shoe Fits... Successful Client & General Contractor Partnerships

There are many tales told about the search for the perfect fit. Goldilocks was trying to find the bed that was just right. The Prince traveled the country side with a glass slipper in his hand looking for the foot of his true love, Cinderella. Much in the same way, a property or business owner is looking for the right General Contractor to complete their project. 


They cannot just put the names of all local GCs into a hat and pick one randomly, and achieve true success. They cannot just look at one factor, say bottom line bid cost or project resume, and know they have found “the one.” And if you can believe it, General Contractors have to be just as vigilant in their search for the right clients. Read More...

Do you need to write your own User Manual? Our Director of Business Development thinks so!

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Get to know NEC Project Engineer, Dave Cangarl

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Find out why SmartBid makes sense for our Estimating Team!


When it comes to metaphors, never has the phrase “diving into the deep end of the pool” been more appropriate than in the case of our construction of the Pods Swimming Facility in East Providence, RI. Pods is a collaborative design/build project that has run deep at New England Construction for several years now... Read More...


“Success demands singleness of purpose.”
- Vince Lombardi

Coach Lombardi uses just a few words in this quote, but truly hits the nail on the head. When we consider building the success of businesses in our chosen industries we must have a clearly defined purpose  Read More...

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