By Joe Teixeria on June 13, 2024

NEC Launches QA/QC Program

What is the NEC QA/QC Program in a nutshell? Why is it important?

The New England Construction Quality Assurance Quality Control Program is a collaborative effort, to deliver a quality product, through multiple phases of the construction process. Our clients have many options as to who they can choose to build their projects. New England Construction is dedicated to providing these clients with a project they can be proud of.

What benefits does the QA/QC Program have on a project?

The benefits of the QA/QC program could be a happy client, financial recovery, future insurance claims, and a strong quality product to market for future clients. Our goal is to catch a potential issue with design specifications or workmanship early enough that we can resolve the problem without affecting the schedule or budget. We can then bring ideas to the table on how to resolve a problem that has come up during our QA/QC review on-site. 



Tell us what you look for during the weekly QA/QC meeting.

During our weekly QAQC Meetings, we work toward reviewing 3 week look ahead schedules and identify key aspects of the construction process that require an inspection checklist. We also review submittal documentation, third-party testing reports, observations from architects/engineers, and kickoff meetings that will be coming up with subcontractors to set up page-turn meetings.

You’ve found an issue during a weekly QA/QC meeting, what happens next?

When we find deficient items during our weekly QAQC meeting, we create observations in Procore and assign them to the subcontractor who is responsible for the corrective action. In doing so, we put the responsibility on the subcontractor to correct the work, and continually follow up to ensure it gets done in a reasonable time frame that supports the overall construction of the project.

Can you explain the Divisional/Milestone Checklist for Implemented Work?

A divisional/milestone checklist is essentially a set of guidelines created by the project team that identifies key aspects of the work being performed that need to be inspected and recorded. The guidelines are pulled from the drawings, specifications, as well as industry standards. 

What types of projects will utilize the QA/QC program?

All projects regardless of size will utilize the QAQC program. Every project is important to our clients no matter how big or how small. At NEC we pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients, and this program can assist in the confidence our clients have in us.


Joseph Teixeria is our Safety Manager for New England Construction. He can be reached at or on LinkedIn

Published by Joe Teixeria June 13, 2024