David Sluter
By David Sluter on October 05, 2015

What are we to make of the recent events surrounding China?

The bursting of their stock market bubble; the slowing growth; the devaluation of the yuan; last week’s state visit to the US by Premier Xi Jinping. I am not an astute follower of China or international monetary policy, however, my observations of these events and recent news articles have led me to be cautiously optimistic about the future relations between America and China. My view is that economic self-interest drives international and intranational relationships.

David Sluter
By David Sluter
on August 25, 2015

The stock market fluctuations the past few days has many holding their breath and wondering what the impact on the economy will be. I am not an economist but after experiencing three recessions, I have a longer term view of the business cycle and I believe that market fluctuations are not an accurate way to predict future economic conditions. My reaction to the past week’s events is to take a breath and let things play out.

I received the subscriber bulletin below in my email this morning from ITR (Institute for Trends Research) Economics and thought it might be worth sharing. I have been following their economic forecasts for over fifteen years. ITR accurately predicted the downturns of 2001 and 2010 more than a year in advance which helped me make early adjustments to my business planning and operations. ITR Economics is based in New Hampshire and works with its customers to help them manage their businesses through the business cycle.

The following excerpt takes a deep dive into the devaluation of the Yaun: