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Since its inception, New England Construction has remained true to its founding values of integrity and excellence – along with an unwavering commitment to each customer and project. These values are a direct outgrowth of the leadership of our founder, David Sluter.

A veteran of the construction industry for over 40 years, and a graduate of the Harvard Business School OPM Program, David continues to serve NEC and its varied base of clients in a high-level capacity. This includes providing the strategic vision to guide our organization and its overall mission. His extensive resource of real-world wisdom, gained through decades of active practice as a registered engineer, also serves to elevate the daily efforts of our multifaceted staff.

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Perspective... From the CEO of New England Construction

David Sluter12/14/2016

The recent presidential election was the most contentious and divisive I have experienced in my 50+ years of following them.  It set new lows for civility, decency and veracity. About half of the voters were disappointed and many were outraged with the results.  This election continued the trend...

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The Tyranny of the Inbox

David Sluter9/21/2016

I was watching the CBS news program Face the Nation on a recent Sunday morning when I heard the phrase “The Tyranny of the Inbox.”  The speaker used the phrase in the context of a discussion about hasty, ill-considered foreign policy communications that were driven by a need to respond to public...

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The Safest Way to Bring a Crane On Site

David Sluter4/27/2016

New England Construction works with landlords and tenants on a variety of projects ranging from preconstruction to design/build to construction management. Often, these projects require the introduction of large machinery such as cranes, which makes the process bigger in scope.

At NEC, safety...

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Growing Wealth Through Real Estate

David Sluter1/13/2016

As a business owner, I work at growing wealth by investing in my core business – commercial construction.  I also recognize the need to diversify my investments to manage risk.  I look at investing as placing bets.  I can determine my own financial future and control risk by betting on myself...

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Preparing to Manage Through Dramatic Change

David Sluter11/12/2015

Those of us who have experienced rapid growth or contraction understand the difficulty and impacts of managing our businesses through these periods of dramatic change. As managers, we all must make important decisions in a short period of time that affect our businesses, our families and our...

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The Value of Peer Learning and Relationships in Business

David Sluter10/20/2015

 We all have peer relationships that add value and richness to our lives.

As friends and teammates can share experiences, provide support and give advice. As a business owner, finding valuable peer business relationships and opportunities for sharing and learning can be very difficult. A...

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The Symbiotic America

David Sluter10/5/2015

What are we to make of the recent events surrounding China?

The bursting of their stock market bubble; the slowing growth; the devaluation of the yuan; last week’s state visit to the US by Premier Xi Jinping. I am not an astute follower of China or international monetary policy, however, my...

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The Importance of Introspection: How Often Do You Look In the Mirror?

David Sluter9/15/2015

How often do we take the time to be introspective?

A useful definition of introspection is self-contemplation; self-examination; the contemplation of one’s own conduct, thoughts, desires, emotions. How often do we take the time to be introspective? For some of us, not very often. We only look...

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The Economic High and Low Tides of the Ocean State

David Sluter9/2/2015

Rhode Island is known for many wonderful things – a great place to live, fantastic beaches, Newport and great restaurants to name a few.

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What to make of the Recent Dramatic Stock Market Fluctuations?

David Sluter8/25/2015

The stock market fluctuations the past few days has many holding their breath and wondering what the impact on the economy will be. I am not an economist but after experiencing three recessions, I have a longer term view of the business cycle and I believe that market fluctuations are not an...

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