Carly Guertin
By Carly Guertin
on July 19, 2023
As I reflect on my internship experience, I can't help but think about the incredible journey it has been. I, as the marketing intern, was the first to join, and as the weeks went on, three other ...
Matt Sluter
By Matt Sluter
on February 07, 2022
The days are growing shorter and there is already a chill in the air. As New Englanders, we know what this means, we are sliding down that slippery hill towards winter. While it would be nice to ...
Kim Sluter
By Kim Sluter
on January 11, 2021
Some state and local governments are requiring that every construction project have a COVID-19 section in their safety programs. In order to satisfy this requirement, CRM has developed this document.
Mike Gorman
By Mike Gorman
on March 11, 2019
There’s a chill in the air (most days at least!) so it’s hard to focus on anything related to our projects aside from keeping the job sites warm & working and forecasting the snow potential, but ...
Amy Grenga, Director of Human Resources
By Amy Grenga, Director of Human Resources
on February 06, 2019
When you become part of the New England Construction team, your opportunities are endless. If you are a dedicated and driven individual who is ready to move your career in a positive direction, New ...
Mike Gorman
By Mike Gorman
on April 03, 2018
When it comes to metaphors, never has the phrase “diving into the deep end of the pool” been more appropriate than in the case of our construction of the Pods Swimming Facility in East Providence, ...
Suzette Joseph
By Suzette Joseph
on May 18, 2017
“Buyout” is the transitional time between the preconstruction and the construction phases of a project. It is during buyout that purchase orders and subcontracts are issued. Working closely with ...
Mike Gorman
By Mike Gorman
on May 04, 2017
Spring Fever is settling in here in New England as the days get longer, the sun shines brighter and the frost has faded away. This is a great time of the year to plan a road trip. Of course when you ...
Lauren Letellier
By Lauren Letellier
on April 19, 2017
As a Contract Administrator I get the pleasure of handling many different roles within the company here at New England Construction. Although the word is in my title, my duties don’t just involve ...