Matt Sluter
By Matt Sluter on February 07, 2022

The days are growing shorter and there is already a chill in the air. As New Englanders, we know what this means, we are sliding down that slippery hill towards winter. While it would be nice to think we could stock our larders and close the doors to ride out the season, we know this is not realistic or fiscally responsible. The question for those of us in Commercial Real Estate becomes, start a project now or wait until the spring thaw has arrived?

Here are the six thoughts I consider when navigating winter construction decisions here in New England: 

Kim Sluter
By Kim Sluter
on January 11, 2021
Some state and local governments are requiring that every construction project have a COVID-19 section in their safety programs. In order to satisfy this requirement, CRM has developed this document.

Mike Gorman
By Mike Gorman
on March 11, 2019

There’s a chill in the air (most days at least!) so it’s hard to focus on anything related to our projects aside from keeping the job sites warm & working and forecasting the snow potential, but this is actually a great time to start thinking about the things you want to accomplish during the summer. That’s right, I said summer. Specifically if you are in an educational environment you know that often the summer provides your only window of time to make some major improvements while your campus population is lower than normal. Perfect timing, no? Well the other factor is that this wonderful window is small, like barely a month or two at times small. So what are you to do if you have objectives to meet?

Amy Grenga, Director of Human Resources
By Amy Grenga, Director of Human Resources
on February 06, 2019

When you become part of the New England Construction team, your opportunities are endless. If you are a dedicated and driven individual who is ready to move your career in a positive direction, New England Construction may be the place for you

Mike Gorman
By Mike Gorman
on April 03, 2018

When it comes to metaphors, never has the phrase “diving into the deep end of the pool” been more appropriate than in the case of our construction of the Pods Swimming Facility in East Providence, RI. Pods is a collaborative design/build project that has run deep at New England Construction for several years now and we are very proud to see this one of a kind place open and serving the local community. I sat down with the Project Manager, Derek Venticinque, and the Superintendent, Dave Marchand, who worked on Pods to get their perspective on the project’s unique nature, the challenges they encountered along the way and their thoughts now that the project is over.

Suzette Joseph
By Suzette Joseph
on May 18, 2017

“Buyout” is the transitional time between the preconstruction and the construction phases of a project. It is during buyout that purchase orders and subcontracts are issued. Working closely with construction management team and general contractors at this stage is crucial to the overall implementation, timing and budget of a project.

Mike Gorman
By Mike Gorman
on May 04, 2017

Spring Fever is settling in here in New England as the days get longer, the sun shines brighter and the frost has faded away. This is a great time of the year to plan a road trip. Of course when you sit down to do this you start asking yourself some questions, like:

  • Why do I even want to do this?
  • Where do I want to go?
  • How will I get there?
  • What’s going to make this trip special?
  • Can I even afford to travel??
Lauren Letellier
By Lauren Letellier
on April 19, 2017

As a Contract Administrator I get the pleasure of handling many different roles within the company here at New England Construction. Although the word is in my title, my duties don’t just involve contracts. In addition to making sure all contracts are processed properly in a timely manner with sufficient scope of work and accurate contract amount, I also take part in tracking certificates of insurance, the collection, review and processing of subcontractor requisitions, creating Owner requisitions, revising Owner contracts and much more!  

Kim Sluter
By Kim Sluter
on April 06, 2017

Ever see that movie “She’s Just Not That Into You”?  You know the part where Drew Barrymore is exhausted from the effort it takes to date in the digital age?  This 50 second monologue describes what it’s like to be a Business Development professional in today’s world.  Inbound Marketing, Targeted Sales Outreach, Buyer Personas, Client Journey, LinkedIN, FB, Twitter, Instagram, – the buzz word bingo alone is enough to make you feel overwhelmed.  Is it possible to avoid the exhaustion that accompanies a never-ending stimulus cycle?  Yes, focus on 2 hours of weekly Business Development planning.