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Amy Grenga, Director of Human Resources

As Director of Human Resources for New England Construction, Amy manages the overall provision of Human Resources services, policies, and programs for the company. Amy is focused on motivating and engaging employees on a daily basis.

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Being an Intern at NEC

When you become part of the New England Construction team, your opportunities are endless. If you are a dedicated and driven individual who is ready to move your career in a positive direction, New England Construction may be the place for you.

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10 Ways We Live Our Core Values at NEC!


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Finding Great People


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An Employers Guide to Career Fair Basics

Getting Started!

From an employer’s perspective, preparation is one of the most critical aspects to the success of a career fair.

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Integrity, Excellence, Commitment... And Family?

In 1985,David Sluter founded New England Construction as a family owned company built upon three major guiding principles – integrity, excellence, and commitment.  Well, 32 years later, Matt Sluter, David’s son is now leading the company with those three principles in the forefront of his mind. ...

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The Season Is Over: NEC Summer Internship Program 2016

The 2016 Summer Internship Program at NEC has finished its final inning and come to a bittersweet close. I am excited to share that it was an overall homerun! A successful program is a two-way street from both the preparedness and readiness of the company, but also the commitment and dedication...

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Coach’s Playbook: The Internship Program Handbook

How to Run a Successful Internship Program

To ensure a successful summer at NEC, we are running a robust internship program.  As their coach, it is important for me to see that process through.  Generally, our interns will work in the Operations Department and report...

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