Here at New England Construction, our approach is hiring is centered around finding great people that we believe will add value to our company.  Traditional recruiting is fast paced, but here at NEC, our approach is slow and steady. By hiring slowly, we review each candidate from three different perspectives – our company culture, our core values, and their background/experience. As much as we want the candidate to be a fit for us, we also want to be a fit for them!

We focus primarily on putting the right people in the right seats as we believe that will ultimately make our company successful, profitable, and positive! Therefore, our recruiting process is made up of 6 key steps:

  1. Phone Interview – 30 Minute Conversation
  2. Face to Face Interview – 1-1 ½ Hour Meeting
  3. Caliper Assessment – A tool that assesses personality traits that relate to job performance.
  4. Reference Checks – At least 3 (2 Supervisors, 1 Personal)
  5. Interview with the President & CEO – 1-1 ½ Hour Meeting
  6. The Offer

This is a very thorough process and gives us an opportunity to truly get to know our candidates and I also think it allows them to get to know us.


From a recruiting perspective, here are a few key tips that makes a candidate stand out from the rest.  If you follow these 5 steps, you will prepare yourself for a successful interview, not just with New England Construction but any position you may be pursuing.

  1. Review the company’s website prior to the interview
  2. Write down 5 questions for the company and bring them to the interview
  3. Prepare a 60 second “commercial” about your background/experience & articulate why you want to be a part of the company
  4. Be open and honest during the interview
  5. Follow up after the interview with a thank you email or note

We truly see this process as the beginning of a partnership and an essential component of our company’s success. I hope you enjoyed learning more about how our company finds great people! Do you want be one of those people? Contact me!

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Published by Amy Grenga, Director of Human Resources May 2, 2018
Amy Grenga, Director of Human Resources