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Kim Sluter

Kim Sluter is New England Construction's Director of Business Development.

Do YOU need a User Manual?

Kim Sluter3/28/2018

Do you need a personal user manual?

We all have our unique gifts.  We also have preferred settings that generate optimum productivity and flow.  Why not share our idiosyncrasies and preferred working environment with our employees, teams and colleagues, and develop a ‘user manual’ that captures...

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Business Development in 2 Hours

Kim Sluter4/6/2017

Ever see that movie “She’s Just Not That Into You”?  You know the part where Drew Barrymore is exhausted from the effort it takes to date in the digital age?  This 50 second monologue describes what it’s like to be a Business Development professional in today’s world.  Inbound Marketing,...

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You and Your Business Should Be In Fear of Missing Out

Kim Sluter3/24/2017

What do you get when you put 1100 Professional Women in a room at the 20th Annual Bryant University Women’s Summit?  10 NEC women found out on Friday, March 17th.  You get access to the free exchange of ideas.  You get 3 keynote speakers, 2 breakout sessions and comments from the Governor.  You...

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Take the First Flight Out: Time Management Tips for the Real World

Kim Sluter11/30/2016

Leadership Team Initiatives.  Annual budgets. Department Strategy Wheels. Company Vision Statements. Tactical Objectives.  High level business planning is no longer a fourth quarter task.  Effective leadership teams are business planning 365 days while still executing the blocking and tackling...

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Is Two Steps For Success Too Simple?

Kim Sluter9/27/2016

You know your project is a success when the Electrician sends the Project Superintendent a text on the last day that reads “I can’t believe this is our last day on site. Cry emoji. Cry emoji. Cry emoji.” The electrician is not alone when it comes to sentimental feelings surrounding the RI Mall...

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Subs With Subs: Greg Washburn

Kim Sluter9/27/2016

Candid, professional feedback is critical to professional growth. Upon project completion, we often host a “Lessons Learned” meeting with our clients. We celebrate successes and identify challenges and areas for improvement. At NEC, we’ve recently started conducting the same meetings with...

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Topics: Fall 2016 Newsletter - Subs With Subs