Matt Sluter
By Matt Sluter on October 05, 2016

It’s October. 

The leaves are changing and even falling.  The air is crisp and the last remnants of summer are basically gone.  For many of us in Commercial Real Estate in New England, we are poised with a simple question with not such a simple answer:  Build now, or wait to the spring?  Why does this happen every year?  Every owner’s favorite phrase, WINTER CONDITIONS, explains a lot of the debate. 

David Sluter
By David Sluter
on January 13, 2016

As a business owner, I work at growing wealth by investing in my core business – commercial construction.  I also recognize the need to diversify my investments to manage risk.  I look at investing as placing bets.  I can determine my own financial future and control risk by betting on myself and my team – a good bet.  Commercial real estate development has been my primary means of investing outside of my business for nearly 20 years.  By carefully investing in select properties, I have been able grow additional wealth outside my primary business.  By sharing my commercial real estate investments with partners and investors I also share the risk.