Kelsey Hastings
By Kelsey Hastings on June 20, 2018

NEC Summer 2018 Intern Vlog - Episode 1

Our Summer Intern Vlog starts NOW! We embrace the family this week as I dive into my introduction to the NEC team. 

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Hey everybody,

My name is Kelsey and I’m the Operations Intern for the summer. This coming fall, I will be a junior Biomedical Engineering major at Western New England University.

Getting an internship for the summer can be incredibly difficult, but selecting which one is right for you is even harder. At first, I wasn’t sure that this internship program at New England Construction was going to be a good choice for me, as it’s much more of a Civil Engineering application than a Biomedical one. But after working here for three weeks, I can tell you that there is certainly a lot to be experienced from working here.

Putting aside the textbook knowledge of construction; reading architectural drawings, writing change order requests, contracts, and requests for information from the architect, and even requesting submittals from subcontractors; there’s so much more to learn here! As an intern, I’m learning what it’s like to juggle multiple projects at once, getting comfortable with meeting and working with new people every day, and witnessing the long-term results of engineering. I’ve already seen job sites that are almost complete, and ones that are hardly even buildings yet.

But what really stands out about New England Construction is what makes it different from other companies. On my very first day, every one of my coworkers was welcoming. Once each of the project engineers offered up their assistance if ever I should need it, I knew I would be in good hands for the summer. The real value of the internship is working at a company that cares about you. You immediately become part of the team and are treated as such. It comes with a great deal of responsibility, but you are provided a strong support system to help you to succeed.

Working at New England Construction is an experience unlike anything I’ll likely ever come across again. It’s one of family, understanding, and support. Embrace the family, and you’ll fit right in here.

NEC’s other summer intern, Cevan will be taking over the next episode. Thanks for listening, and tune in next time to hear his thoughts on his first few weeks on the job.


Published by Kelsey Hastings June 20, 2018
Kelsey Hastings