Cevan James L.
By Cevan James L. on July 05, 2018

NEC Summer 2018 Intern Vlog - Episode 2

Episode 2 of the Summer Intern Vlog is here! I discuss company culture, job fit, and my onboarding experience with New England Construction. Thank you for tuning in!

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Hi everyone, and welcome to Episode 2 of the Summer Intern Vlog. My name is Cevan and I’ll be your host this week. I’m currently an MBA student with URI, where I was also a film media and business administration major for my undergrad.  I’m also the other summer intern here at NEC, focusing on the marketing side of the business

So just to give some context, an internship is required to complete my master’s program, so as you can imagine I had been applying since January to numerous marketing and advertising positions in New England. It was an exhausting period of phone calls, getting spammed by all the recruiting sites I signed up for, and then finally numerous interviews. However, and this is one of the most important factors to me, is when it comes to an internship it’s not just about applying for something within your major or interest, getting experience in your field is a plus, but I would argue an equally huge piece of it is your compatibility with that company’s culture and values. There has to that match in personality and temperament, the skills can always be there, but it is a much more productive and enjoyable time when people genuinely fit into the company culture, and that’s from both the employee and the employer’s perspective.

When I was offered the position with New England Construction, I was thrilled, my interview with them was easily the best one. I felt relaxed, welcomed, and it just felt like a normal conversation with people I already knew, and there’s no better first impression than that. Once I knew it was going to be a mentorship-type relationship with my supervisor, I was sold, I knew I was going to learn a ton about marketing in an industry that’s new to me and that was one of my top goals.

With my first few weeks on the job so far, my intuition was correct. NEC directly integrated me into their marketing processes and I work directly one to one with my supervisor Mike. Everything in my onboarding was laid out, stayed on schedule, and it was made as simple as possible for me. Starting a brand new position is daunting, so anyone can appreciate that. They understood I was in learning mode, and took the time to step back, let me ask questions, and space everything out so I wasn’t overwhelmed.

Now that I’ve gotten up to speed on my projects and how to use their systems and tools, I’ve been integrated right into the marketing work flow, using my previous background knowledge, coupled with learning some new skills. The key here is that NEC is providing the best of both attributes of any position I discussed earlier, a job fit with my skills, but also a match with the company culture and personal values. They believe in doing what you say, and every interaction from my first phone interview, to 3 weeks in has been tried and true to that value for my entire experience so far. Thank you for tuning in, Kelsey will be back for episode 3 to share more of her experience in operations. We’ll see you then.


Published by Cevan James L. July 5, 2018
Cevan James L.